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    Here at GetREALDates.Com, we know just how frustrating this can be.  Most men sign up for online dating sites full of hope and optimism. Others sign up as a last resort, since “real” life is no longer providing new opportunities to meet women.  

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    The REAL Online Game Series was specifically designed by the world’s most famous online dating expert, Joshua Pompey, to work for the “REAL” online daters of the world.  Not all of us were born great with women.  Not all of us were born rich.  And not all of us were born with great looks.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to live the dream life that the best looking men in the world seem to live so easily.  We are the “REAL” online daters of the world, and these online dating guides are our solution.

    The REAL Online Game

    The REAL Online Game is your solution to meeting women online quicker, faster, and more effectively than you ever dreamed possible, no matter who you are, or what you look like. This online dating guide for men will teach you everything you need to know to push past the competition and receive more emails, more phone numbers, and more dates than you could possibly have time for. If there is one part of The REAL Online Game series that you absolutely must own, it's this guide.

    The REAL Online Game Routines Manual

    Never struggle with what to say to women online again. This exclusive online dating guide is filled with over 150 pages worth of material, material, and more material. You will learn what the top professionals in the world use when picking up women online.

    The REAL Online Game: Conversations Revealed

    In this amazing collection, you will see nearly 250 pages worth of real, documented conversations that Joshua Pompey has used to pick up girls online , with step by step analysis every step of the way.

    The REAL Online Game: Phone and Texting Edition

    In this e-book you will learn critical tactics for building attraction and comfort over the phone to extremely high levels. Online dating is extremely competitive, and our phones are the key to making sure women forget about all the other men out there, and start obsessing over us! We are the only online dating guide in the world to focus solely on how phone game relates specifically to the unique world of online dating.