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    See EXACTLY what it looks like when the best in the world, Joshua Pompey, picks up women online.

    Download nearly 250 pages of real documented conversations that end in phone numbers, with Joshua Pompey carefully explaining the thought process behind every move he makes.  This risk free offer comes with a 100% Full Refund Guarantee to improve dramatically improve your dating life.

    Joshua Pompey has been featured for his online dating advice on hundreds of the biggest sites in the world, including Date.Com, Jdate.Com, Under30CEO, and hundreds more!

    Hey everyone, Joshua Pompey here, founder and creator of The REAL Online Game.  I originally put The REAL Online Game together to help men avoid the struggles I once faced with online dating.

    Loneliness.  Zero first dates.  A crippled self esteem.  And constant rejection.

    After developing The REAL Online Game and changing my life forever, the goal was simple: to help men meet women online quicker, faster, and more effectively than ever, no matter who you are in life, or what you look like.   The REAL Online Game is our answer to living the dream life that the best looking guys in the world seem to live so easily.

    Well over the years this series has blown away all expectations.  We have been helping men in countries all over the world for more then 3 years now, and I couldn’t be happier to have changed so many lives.  I wouldn’t wish the loneliness I felt before developing The REAL Online Game on my worst enemies!

    As successful as we have been, one day I was sitting around grabbing phone numbers for the week when a lightbulb went off in my head.

    What do millions of online daters out there really want to see?

    They want to see how the best in the world get it done, step by step.  I know I sure would.  Well after years of waiting, the wait is over…

    I am back and more excited than ever with  a groundbreaking edition to the series.

    For the first time ever, I am going to put my money where my mouth is and reveal to everyone close to 250 pages worth of REAL documented conversations that I have had with actual women online.

    I am going to take you through the process of picking up women online step by step by showing you my very own pick ups.  

    You will be able to see exactly how well The REAL Online Game works when used to absolute perfection.

    Not only will every series of email exchanges in this collection end with a phone number, but you will read my exact thought process behind all the moves I make.

    Each conversation in this guide is carefully deconstructed and analyzed for you all to benefit from.  So you will not only read what I wrote to these women, you will also learn why I say the things I say, which is really the most important part!

    Before you all start thinking this is highly immoral, I would like to make clear that all personal information has been edited out for the privacy of the females involved.  Every phone number, name, location, and place of work has been blocked out.  (There is even one pick up that involves a major network news anchor),

    What Exactly Will You Receive In This Edition Of The REAL Online Game?

    • Nearly 225 Pages of Actual Conversations That End In Phone Numbers.


    • Over  180  Side Notes With Careful Analysis Behind Comments Being Made.


    • Variance in the beauty of the women that are being picked up.  There are big differences between picking up women that are 6′s, 7′s, 8′s, 9′s, and 10′s.  This collection reveals pick ups from the entire range.


    • Routines taken directly from the The REAL Online Game Routines Manual to show you exactly how to implement them properly.


    • Demonstrations on how to make the transition from exchanging emails, to closing out phone numbers.


    • Methods for bring conversations that have gone stale back to life.


    • Examples of how to deal with women who are extremely beautiful and make them chase you.


    • Analysis of when to build comfort, when to build attraction, and when to end your email exchanges.


    • Samples demonstrating when you should be writing long emails and when you should be writing short emails to the females you are talking to.


    • Tons of analysis on proper pacing techniques.


    • Conversations that begin by Joshua Pompey initiating contact so you can see how pick ups should flow when opening first.


    • Conversations that begin with women initiating the conversation to see pick ups from the opposite side.


    • Conversations with women of varying age ranges to demonstrate the subtle differences that must take place among women of different ages.


    • Explanations behind why specific routines or chosen for certain women.


    • As a big fan of the original real online game when I saw this book was available I jumped right on it. It is absolutely fantastic. Seeing Joshua work is like watching an a talented artist. It seems so effortless yet is genius to watch unfold. Amazing.

      Brandon, Texas

    • Thanks Josh for the giving away all your secrets. As great as the other editions of the real online game are it is beyond helpful to see them actually used in real life. I tried out a few of the things I saw you doing in this book and I am definitely getting results. Thanks again all the way from Ireland!

      Jamie, Ireland

    • A testimonial written to one of our other employees…

      This stuff is genius. How does this guy Joshua come up with all these great ideas. This stuff really is great!

      Salvador., Ohio

    • My favorite part about this guide is that almost everything Joshua does and says is explained. If you want you can skip over his comments and just read the pick ups, or you can read his analysis throughout. I found the analysis of what he is thinking to be very eye opening. Its crazy how many mistakes I have made without ever even realizing. Truly eye opening.

      Kurt, Brooklyn, NY

    As With All Our Products & Services, This Guide Comes With A 100% Guarantee!




    When all is said and done, I am sure every one of you out there is going to love this edition of The REAL Online Game.

    Receiving the phone numbers was extremely easy for me and something I do every day. Putting it together with analysis in this manual was the tough part!  So I hope you all enjoy the hard work that was put into this E-Book, and I’m sure you will!

    Here at The REAL Online Game, we don’t release any new products unless they are of the highest quality.


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