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    Life sure is different than it was 10 years ago…Joshua Pompey here and welcome back.  Allow me to start off by being completely honest.  I’ve always hated texting.  And talking on the phone has always been nothing but an annoyance to me. But the truth is, these days people socialize more over the phone than through any other form of communication.

    Online dating is no exception to this.  The phone is where much of our communication will take place after receiving a phone number online, and even after the first date.

    This makes phone game critical to success with the women we meet online…

    These days attention spans are shorter than ever and women online are approached at higher rates than ever.
    If we don’t learn how to use phone game to keep women obsessing over us, they will quickly move on to the next best thing.

    Because of all the competition online, once we graduate from email exchanges to phone numbers, we must use our phones to keep women thinking about us non-stop.  This does not mean to text and call them non-stop.  What it does mean, is we must carefully use our phones to keep attraction and interest levels high.

    This guide will provide over 150 pages worth of tactics to help you accomplish this.  In addition, this is the only guide that is completely dedicated to specifically tying phone game into online dating. Online dating is much different than meeting women in real life and requires completely different strategies.

    After you learn the tactics of this guide, women will not only be thinking of you, but will be obsessing over when you contact them next!

    Why Is Mastering The Art Of Phone Game Critical To Success?

    Although there are tons of variables, there are two common problems most men face online:

    1.  Women provide their phone numbers then never pick up the phone.

    2.  Women move on to the “next best thing” after a date or two.

    Let’s analyze both of these problems…

    Why Do Women Flake After Giving Their Phone Numbers Out Online?

    Allow me to explain…

    Let’s suppose that I meet a woman at a coffee shop who does not happen to be online dating. Odds are this woman is not being pursued by countless guys every week.  Most guys are afraid to approach beautiful women in public.

    This means there is very little strategy involved when I call her.  Since I am probably the only guy who has asked for her number that week, if she likes me, she will pick up my call.  If she doesn’t, she won’t.

    Simple right?

    Online dating is much different.  We may be talking to women for a week or so through email, but we are still essentially nothing more than a five minute blip in their daily lives.  When they give out there phone numbers they want us to call at the time. But by the time we actually make the call, comfort levels have faded and they no longer feel comfortable answering the phone out of fear that the conversation will be awkward.

    This is where phone game comes in.  We will use text messaging tactics and conversation seeds to build and maintain extremely high comfort and attraction levels.  By the time we call for a date, women will be more excited then ever to go out with us.

    By mastering the right tactics, we will bridge the awkard gap from the online world to the real world, building comfort and attraction levels higher than they ever were before.  

    On the other hand, if our phone and texting game is poor, we can ruin all the progress we have made to this point.

    Excellent Phone Game Will Keep Women From Disappearing After A Great First Date:

    Online dating is much different than “real life dating” due to all the competition.   Beautiful women receive hundreds of messages per week.  Like it or not, we are in competition with all of these men.

    Even after a date that goes well, the phone is where we are going to be doing most of our socializing.

    If we don’t know how to keep attraction levels extremely high after our dates occur by using the phone properly, odds are higher that we will lose the attention of the women we are pursuing.  They will flake out and run off to the “next best thing.”

    The REAL Online Game Phone and Texting Edition will help us to not only prevent this from happening, but will have women practically obsessing over when we will call them next for a date.

    But Perhaps The Biggest Benefit of Graduating To Excellent Phone Game…

    Once we become part of a woman’s “phone life,” we are psychologically inserting ourselves into the same social circles that are reserved for friends, family, and those that are close to her.  This is a big advantage and mentally takes the relationship to the next level.

    In this exclusive guide you will learn:

      • Nine techniques for building attraction over the phone that women can’t help but responding to.
      • The advanced tactic of creating conversation seeds.  Over 15 pages on this critical subject.
      • Methods for closing the gap between receiving phone numbers online and making contact for the first time.
      • The 4 phase phone call system that will make women more excited for a first date than ever.
      • Techniques for building high levels of comfort and attraction.
      • Advanced “mirroring” techniques.
      • Strategies to keep women for ever flaking out on us.
      • “Speed Pattern” techniques to keep women obsessing over when we will contact them next.
      • Fool proof methods for opening up your phone conversation and eliminating any potential awkwardness.
      • 20 proven text messages that you can use on any woman to build more attraction, interest, and comfort.
      • The psychology of why women provide their phone numbers and vanish shortly after, as well as how to avoid this.
      • The 12 biggest mistakes almost all men make when texting women.
      • Transitional material to keep the phone conversation at a high point from start to finish.
      • How long to wait before texting or calling your target after receiving a phone number online.  This answer differs depending on various circumstances!
      • Learn which method you should always use with your phone when making contact for the first time.
      • How to close the phone conversation at an emotional high while receiving a first date.
      • Critical tips for avoiding attraction killers that will destroy your chances of a first date happening.
      • Learn when, how, and the proper pace at which you should be texting women.
      • The times that you should NEVER text a woman.
      • Tips on how to text women after your first dates in ways that will keep the emotional excitement going without seeming eager or over aggressive.
      • How often new text messaging topics should be introduced.
      • Avoiding panic texts that will end any chance you may have had.
      • Fully developed material and routines that can be used on your phone calls.  Never have an awkward silence again!

    And much more…

    Check out what some users of The REAL Online Game Phone And Texting Manual Have Been Saying….

    • “Calling women for the first time was always scary for me since these women online are basically strangers.  The amazing part about the techniques in this book is that all the comfort building makes me feel as if I have known these women forever.  By the time I call them I feel like we have already been dating for long periods of time and don’t feel like strangers at all.   This book is a huge help and definitely an essential part of online dating.” – Ted, Anaheim
    • “So many times I would get a girls phone number online, call her, and never get a call back.  This was so frustrating.  I’m busy and sometimes its hard work getting phone numbers.  Not anymore.  The pre-phone call texting techniques like the conversation seeding ideas in this book are amazing.  Now they always pick up and even better, I always have an inside joke to laugh with them about when they answer the phone.” – Walter, Marlboro
    • “What helped me with this book is learning how to keep women interested after the first date.  Although I learned a lot of great ideas that have only expanded how good I am before the date… now I know how to keep interest lasting once the first date is over and a woman really has to determine if she like you or not.  I especially like how this guide teaches you to keep the communication going on the same night that a first date ends without looking lonely or desperate.  I without a doubt recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of the real online game.” – Eric, South Carolina
    • “This book worth its value alone for the discussion on conversation seeds and how to use them. I personally bought it as part of the packaged deal. With a price like that it was practically free, so there was no reason not to. Highly recommended” – Anthony, NY

    Will All These Techniques Really Work?

    All I can say to that is, aside from all the insanely positive feedback…

    We have an overall success rate of over 99% on all our products and services.

    And we have been around for quite a few years!  So I’d say the answer to that question is a clear yes.

    These strategies have taken years to develop, perfect, and master, and have been consistently used by the best online dating experts in the world, including myself.

    In addition, as with all our products and services, this exclusive guide comes with a 100 percent full refund guarantee.  Here at The REAL Online Game, we always put our money where our mouth is.

    So what are you waiting for?

    The importance of proper phone game when online dating is here to stay.  Online dating is an extremely competitive world and we must always stay one step ahead of our competitors.

    Download knowledge that will last you a life time within minutes of by purchasing, The REAL Online Game Phone and Texting Edition,


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