• Fact – Recent studies show more than 90% of men quit online dating within three months.

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    • Are women not responding to your emails no matter what you write?


    • Are the women that do respond, nowhere near the quality you had hoped for when signing up?


    • Are you finding yourself spending hours at the computer screen every day, constantly refreshing the search button, wishing you were doing something else instead?


    • Did you start out optimistic, only hitting on the prettiest women, and now find yourself slowly lowering your standards with every day that goes by?


    • Do the best looking women only seem to respond to the best looking men?


    • Do you wish you could just quit online dating, but feeling trapped because “real life” offers very little new opportunities to meet new people?

    If you find yourself experiencing any of the above issues, you are far from alone.  Millions of men encounter the same problems every single day.

    The good news is, the worst of your days are behind you.   Filled with over 200 pages worth of life-changing information, this e-book is not only the solution to your problems, but your ticket to taking hold of a dating life beyond your wildest dreams.

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    Who am I and why can I help you…

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    For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Joshua Pompey, founder and creator of The REAL Online Game.

    I am not above average in looks, was not born a natural with women, and for years, I struggled with online dating more than just about anybody alive.

    To make an extremely long story short, I eventually taught myself to master the art of online dating, put my ideas together in over 200 pages worth of information, and started helping men all over the world to avoid the struggling, emotional lows, and hopelessness that I once felt.

    How effective have these teachings been?

    Since publishing The REAL Online Game, I have been featured and recruited by hundreds of media outlets, gathered more than 6.000 social media followers, and garnered so much praise that I was voted one of the top ten dating experts in the world by DatingAdvice.Com.

    The teachings in this guide changed my life forever, and if you stick with me, they will change your life too.


    “Joshua Pompey is recognized around the world as an expert in the field of online dating and relationships. GetRealDates.com offers online dating tips, online dating guides for men and custom-made profiles. With his detail-oriented advice, Pompey breaks down each online dating subject so the steps to success are easy to follow and the goals are actually attainable.” 


    What exactly is The REAL Online Game?


    The REAL Online Game is your answer to successfully dating and forming relationships with women online quicker, and more effectively than ever, no matter who you are, or what you look.

    The competition online these days is absolutely ruthless. This guide will masterfully teach you how to push through the competition, build attraction, and become the type of man women can’t help but feeling drawn to, all while staying true to who you are at your core.

    The REAL Online Game does not teach you to manipulate women, to practice sleazy tactics, or to be someone you are not.  It simply teaches you how to highlight your best self in ways that will make women feel attracted to you, and as if they need to talk to you.

    But perhaps most importantly, the online dating advice of this e-book was specifically designed to work for the “real” online daters of the world, which are the millions of us who weren’t born natural ladies men, with tons of money, or above average in looks.   

    Most of us are just average guys, who want to live above average lives with the type of women that the “Brad Pitt’s” of the world seem to attract so easily. We are the millions of “real” online daters in the world, and this guide is our solution to living the dream.


    Why does our advice work for any man, no matter who you are, or what you look like?


    Almost all women tend to experience attraction the same way.

    Men are visual creatures.  When we see a beautiful face and nice curves, we instantly feel attracted.  Its not a choice.  It just happens instantly.  Its chemical.

    Women are the opposite.  They mainly feel attraction based on the internal characteristics and personality traits of a man.  Just like us, women don’t choose to feel attracted.  It happens uncontrollably when certain qualities are demonstrated by men.

    We have found that there are ten basic personality traits that nearly all women can’t help but feeling attracted to.  The REAL Online Game teaches you what these are, then shows you countless ways to infuse them into your profiles, emails, photo galleries, text messages, phone calls, and dates.  The more of these you use, the less the looks you were born with will play a role in your success.

    Its not about changing who you are as a person.  Its about learning how to push through the competition online, while revealing your best self, and sparking an attraction.  This is what The REAL Online Game will teach you and why we have a success rate of over 99% with men of all looks, shapes, sizes, personalities, and statuses in life.  There is no man alive I cannot help if the participant is willing to give a full effort.


    …I have been taking all of your advice and it has proven worthwhile. I am batting pretty close to .450. I have a date tomorrow night, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday night. And you know what? The books are right. I am becoming THAT guy! I wrote my first “10″ and she wrote back and said my email stood out over the 100s she has received!  WOW!

    Roger, MA,


    What exactly will you receive inside this e-book?

    You will receive over 200 pages worth of life changing information for the price that many sites will charge you for just one month worth of membership fees.

    This e-book will provide you with all of the greatest material, techniques, and knowledge that you need to push through the competition online, build high levels of interest, and how to create and maintain high levels of attraction.  You will learn countless ways to accomplish all of these things, and more.  In addition, you will learn everything you need to know to become masterful at first dates, how to create a strong physical attraction, and ensure a second date.

    To put it simply, this manual will provide you with all the material, theory, and knowledge that you will ever need to attract women online, over the phone, and on first dates.  And we back this claim by a 100 percent, full refund guarantee with no hidden return fees.

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    “Joshua Pompey is the premier online dating expert.  Hands down.” – Jesse, Loveopolis.

    Jesse, Founder of Loveopolis,


    Need more proof?


    If the 99% success rate isn’t enough to have you convinced, feel free to browse around our site for plenty more testimonials, evidence, and reputable sources.  You will find:

    • Nearly 5,000 social media followers.
    • A full media list of publications that The REAL Online Game has been featured on.



    Don’t Forget the 100% Full Refund Guarantee

    The REAL Online Game is backed by a 100% full refund guarantee.  If you are not satisfied, just send us your required receipts and we will provide you with a full refund, with no hidden return fees, within 24 hours.

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    Finally, What is the 99% Success Rate Based On?


    In case you were wondering how we get this number, while there is no way we could follow up with every single customer, our success rates are calculated by how many people actually request a return on our products and services.  Considering we offer a full refund guarantee with no return fees, when we aren’t asked for a refund, we assume our customers are finding success.  Since launching, less than one percent of customers have ever asked for their money back.


    The question remains, are you ready to change your life forever?


    Remember, The REAL Online Game:-

    • Comes with over 200 pages of life-changing information.
    • Downloads straight to any e-reader, computer, or smart phone within minutes.
    • Comes with 3 bonuses, including 25 extra conversation starters and extra games to play on a first date.
    • Is backed by a full refund guarantee, with no hidden return costs.
    • Has a 99% success rate since 2009.



    Purchase The REAL Online Game Now Risk Free!

    For a limited time only, receive a free custom made profile with one of our special packages, absolutely free!